Group traverses Illinois to visit the Bahá’í House of Worship

January 19, 2024
Group traverses Illinois to visit  the Bahá’í House of Worship

On Thanksgiving weekend 2023, a group representing six families made the 200-mile trip to the Bahá’í House of Worship in Wilmette from the Galesburg, Illinois cluster. Some of these Bahá’ís, originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania, have been living in the United States for only a few months. During their visit they viewed the Cornerstone, sang prayers in the Auditorium and studied materials on enhancing family life. Here are some of their reflections, as translated from Swahili: 

ABACHA TANTINE “The environment of the House of Worship is very beautiful. When I entered there, I felt happy and my heart was full of joy. It is a place that has strengthened the spiritual condition.”

MMENENWA SHABANI  “The House of Worship has a very interesting environment that makes everyone happy and calm. It makes me happy to see all the people with their faces full of happiness and smiles. Regardless of race or gender, all are welcome. It brings all religions together.” 

JACQUILINE YUSUFU  “When I went to visit the House of Worship, I was able to enjoy the hospitality of the Bahá’í friends who provide service in that area. I was able to enjoy the beautiful peaceful scenery of the Temple. I could see that everyone is welcome to study and pray. In fact, it is a place with a spiritual fragrance.”

UNGWA NAMAKYAMBE “As we headed to the House of Worship, I saw that it was a place that was calm and enjoyable for everyone with a happy welcome to all the people without asking where they came from. People enter in silence and sit down and begin to pray regardless of their religion. It is really a house with spiritual influence. I was happy with the teachings we read: care of parents for children, children for their parents, and the importance of holding worship meetings in our homes.”

RUSSIA DEBLO “First of all, I was interested in the singing that took place in the House of Worship. I was very happy and I saw myself as a person with spiritual ownership. I was very happy with the arrangement of the prayers. It was a very exciting program that gave me a great desire to be able to give my heart to say the prayer. It gave me great joy. It gave me spiritual strength.”

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