115th National Convention: Representatives from 171 electoral units cast ballots to elect National Spiritual Assembly

May 20, 2023
115th National Convention: Representatives from 171 electoral units cast ballots to elect National Spiritual Assembly

115th Annual Convention coverage

US BAHÁ’Í NATIONAL CONVENTION — In Wilmette, Illinois, after days of spiritual preparation, consultation and fellowship, delegates representing 171 electoral units from across the continental United States gathered today to solemnly cast their votes in the election of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States.

At the start of the Convention, delegates meditated upon the 2023 Ridvan message and delved into the themes of the Nine Year Plan, which included: the movement of clusters; drawing lessons from the most advanced clusters; contributing to social transformation; educational endeavors and the training institute; enhancing administrative capabilities at all levels; and undertaking a historic mission.

The delegates engaged deeply in consultations, sharing both successes and challenges as communities nationwide strive to put the teachings of the Faith into practice. Particular emphasis was placed on overcoming the social barrier of race – the most vital and challenging issue confronting the American community.  

Delegate casting ballot for the US National Spiritual Assembly.The casting of ballots this morning marked the culmination of the annual electoral process, in which every adult Bahá’í has the opportunity to participate. Bahá’í elections are distinct in their absence of nominations and campaigns. Delegates at the National Convention, comprising the entirety of the national Bahá’í membership, vote confidentially for the nine individuals they believe are most qualified to serve on the National Spiritual Assembly.

The National Spiritual Assembly, whose establishment was ordained by Bahá’u’lláh in His book of laws, holds the mandate to exert a positive influence on the well-being of humanity, promote education, peace, and global prosperity, and safeguard human dignity, among numerous other responsibilities.

National Assemblies in every country strive to stimulate, unify, and coordinate the diverse activities of the Bahá’í friends, communities, and institutions. Through frequent consultations and correspondence, they preserve the unity of the Bahá’í community, guiding it to develop its capacity to contribute to the construction of a thriving global civilization and translate Bahá’u’lláh’s vision of world peace into tangible reality.

Delegates viewed the recently released film An Expansive Prospect which looks at four places in the world, capturing the efforts of individuals, communities, and institutions as they strive together to release the society-building power of the Bahá’í Teachings in ever-greater measures.

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