Economic Justice

Wealth must serve humanity. How can spiritual principles give birth to new economic structures?

"The welfare of any segment of humanity is inextricably bound up with the welfare of the whole... There is no justification for continuing to perpetuate structures, rules, and systems that manifestly fail to serve the interests of all peoples.” -The Baha'i Writings

Our Vision

Addressing Economic Inequality

The work of the U.S. Baha’i Office of Public Affairs in the area of economic justice is guided by the belief that eliminating extremes of wealth and poverty is a requisite for peace and true prosperity. It is also premised on the understanding that there is an inherent moral dimension to the generation, distribution, and utilization of wealth and resources.

We focus on contributing to national-level discourse on economic inequality in the United States in ways that build unity while centering justice. We collaborate with a wide range of organizations, research centers, and U.S. government agencies to facilitate constructive dialogue and contribute to the evolution of public opinion and policy.

Our Work

Evolving the Conversation around Wealth and Poverty

Alongside other lines of action, our Office hosts and convenes a regular discussion space concerned with advancing economic justice and conditions for collective striving.

Through papers we author for the space, we aim to allow for deeper consideration of the root causes of inequality, its inherent moral dimensions, and emergent opportunities for lasting social transformation.

Podcast & Videos

Rethinking Prosperity

The Role of Public Institutions in Ensuring Social Well-Being

At present, the central obstacle to moving toward a shared vision of government’s role in promoting social well-being is the way the issue tends to be framed—that is, as a debate. In many countries, political discourse has become so clouded by ideology that it has become divorced from the potential merits and shortcomings of the policy proposals themselves. Driving this apparent irreconcilability of perspectives are divergent conceptions of the rights and responsibilities of individuals, communities, and institutions, as well as associated concepts related to autonomy, choice, authority, and prosperity.

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