Littleton Baha’is organize climate change discussion

December 30, 2019
Littleton Baha’is organize climate change discussion

A Global Climate Change Week discussion sponsored by Baha’is in Littleton, Colorado, gave the nearly 60 attendees practical ways to do their part for the environment.

And working together to organize the Oct. 19 event brought the Baha’i community closer as members built and exercised new capacities, says Miriam Dunnan, a member of the Local Spiritual Assembly, the community’s governing council. 

An Assembly member gave an overview of the science of climate change and moderated the panel. Another coordinated filming, computers, projectors and the video link to a panelist. Several Baha’is had a hand in promoting the occasion through social media and news outlets.

Most significantly, says Dunnan, “It opened our eyes to a way to meet people with common interests who now most likely are knowledgeable of and, in many cases, friends of the Faith.”

During the program, diverse experts spoke of climate change leading to disastrous outcomes for our planet. Still, they focused on steps everyone can take to fight this environmental plight, she says. 

Topics included environmental justice and social equity; water protection for indigenous peoples; and how individuals can minimize use of fossil fuels as well as engage in organic gardening. “The goal was to alert the audience of their roles in the fight,” says Dunnan.

Culminating the panel discussion was a talk via live video by Christine Muller, a Baha’i in Kingston, Rhode Island. She shared interfaith perspectives on humanity’s role and gave a “powerful introduction,” says Dunnan, “to how the Baha’i Faith’s principles bring solutions to this critical issue for our day.”

Written materials about climate change and the Baha’i Faith were taken by many attendees. Tulip bulbs, donated by a local nursery, were passed out so people could plant now in anticipation of flowers in the spring.

Click here for a Baha’i International Community perspective on addressing climate change. 

The International Environment Forum, a Baha’i-inspired organization, offers many resources and views on applying spiritual principles to make human development sustainable. 

Baha’is in several states participate in Interfaith Power & Light.  

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