Lamps and Candles of the World

August 19, 2021
Lamps and Candles of the World

Guidance on Family Life

Lamps and Candles of the World

Source: Star of the West/Volume 3/Issue 7


…May 5th, was an event that shall ever be remembered by all who were present.

Although many lived considerable distance and found it necessary to arise as early as five o’clock, yet promptly at the appointed hour of eight, about thirty-five children were on hand to greet him and receive the spiritual baptism in store for them.

They were gathered in a circle in the middle of the beautiful parlor of The Plaza, the parents and friends making another circle behind them. When ‘Abdu’l-Baha entered all arose. While he took the seat prepared for him, the children sang without accompaniment, “Softly His Voice is Calling Now.”

Then followed the scene that is indelibly stamped upon the minds and hearts. He called each child to him…The children’s joy and His own happiness seemed to culminate when one dear little tot ran to him and fairly threw herself into his arms. When he let her go she stood for a second and then suddenly laughed aloud with perfect joy, which found its instant echo in a ripple around the whole circle.

‘Abdu’l-Baha then stood and spoke as follows: “You are the children of whom His Holiness Christ has said, you are the denizens of the Kingdom; and according to the words of BAHA’O’LLAH you are the very lamps or candles of the world of humanity, for your hearts are exceedingly pure and your spirits are most delicate. You are near the source; you have not yet become contaminated. You are like lambs, or like a very polished mirror. My hope for you is that your parents may educate you spiritually, giving you the utmost ethical training. May your education be most perfect so that each one of you may be imbued with all the virtues of the human world. May you advance in all the degrees, be they material degrees or spiritual degrees. May you all become learned, acquire sciences and arts, acquire the arts and crafts; may you be useful members of human society, may you be conducive to the progress of human civilization; may you be a cause of the manifestation of the divine bestowals, may each one of you be a shining star, radiating the light of the oneness of humanity towards the East and West; may you be conducive to the unity of mankind; may you be conducive to the love of the whole. May the reality deposited in the human entity become apparent through your efforts. I pray for all of you, asking God’s aid and confirmation in your behalf.

“You are all my children, you are my spiritual children. The spiritual children are very dear, they are dearer than physical children, because it is possible for physical children to prove unspiritual, but you are all spiritual children, therefore you are very dear; you are most beloved. I wish for you progress along all degrees. May God aid you. May you be surrounded by His gaze of kindness, and may you be nurtured and attain maturity under His protection. You are all blessed.”

‘Abdu’l-Baha then divided a bouquet of flowers which was upon the center table, and also gave to each child an envelope full of rose petals. He then walked slowly around the circle, laying his hand in blessing upon each little head, his face beaming with divine love as he murmured a tender word to each one…

‘Abdu’l-Baha then expressed a desire to walk alone and strode majestically away, with his hands clasped behind him. All eyes followed him.


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