Henderson Bahai College

July 21, 2021
Henderson Bahai College


Henderson Bahai College

Source:`Abdu’l-Baha, The Baha’i World | Pupil of the Eye

George W. Henderson founded Henderson Business College in 1912. A few years later he became a Baha’i, added Baha’is to the faculty and integrated Baha’i ethics into the curriculum. 

`Abdu’l-Baha corresponded about the college:

Thy letter that thou hast written in the beginning of December, 1920, has been received. Its contents contained very good news, indicating that his honor, Prof. George W. Henderson, has established a Baha’i College in one of the cities of the South; that now that college has developed, and the students are studying the Divine Teachings and also the necessary sciences and arts.

That revered professor has been and will always be favored. The meetings which are formed at that college are bestowed with an emanation from the meetings of the Supreme Concourse. Such are also the meetings for teaching the children. These meetings are spreading eternal graces and are supported by the breathings of the Holy Spirit. His honor, Prof. Henderson, has in reality arisen in the service of the Kingdom. The fruits of this service are eternal bounty and everlasting life. Through the graces of God do I cherish this hope, that he at every moment will receive a new confirmation.

Writing directly to the college, `Abdu’l-Baha wrote:

To: Their Honors, the instructors and the students of the Henderson Business College, the Baha’i College, unto them be the Glory of God, the Most Glorious.

He is God.

O Ye blessed souls!

Your letter has been received. Its contents indicated clearly the sincerity of your motive, the purity of your nature and your mindfulness of the Kingdom of God. It is my hope that ye will progress in teaching and studying so much that ye will be envied by the students of other colleges; that ye will become experts in the most wonderful Teachings and will propagate them so that the pavilion of the oneness of the world of humanity may be raised in the center of the world, under which heavenly pavilion all nations may embrace one another in perfect harmony.

I pray for you so that ye may succeed in becoming brimful with the spirit of the love of God; in destroying the foundations of ignorance and prejudice, and in changing into luminosity the darkness of the world of nature through heavenly light.

Ye have expressed your longing for my presence. I also have the same desire. It depends upon God’s Will.

Upon you be the Glory of Abha!

(sig.) abdul Baha abbas.

April 9, 1921

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