Bahá’í summer schools 2017

How can families in a neighborhood help advance the community-building growth process?

In the next few cycles, seasonal schools will explore how both Bahá’ís and the community of interest can collaboratively and systematically build capacity through reading our current reality, talking about our material and spiritual hopes, and understanding the example of service to the community by ‘Abdu’l-Bahá.

Below is a listing of seasonal Bahá’í schools throughout the summer. The summer schools have large- and small-group sessions for all ages and whole-family time (except as noted) as well as devotional, fellowship, music/artistic and recreation opportunities.

For the most up-to-date schedules and details for each session, please:

  • Check the website listed for the school or search for its Facebook page; OR:
  • Contact the school’s listed registrar or contact.

For summer sessions at the permanent national Bahá’í centers of learning, see:  

25–July 1: Carmel Bahá’í School for Youth and Junior Youth (Oregon), ages 12–18 
SKY Camp, Fall Creek, OR. Focus is on living life like a Bahá’í and leading a path of lifelong service. Participants will be guided in the many ways to be a quality member of the world community. Registrar: Paul Blair (

30–July 4: Southern Flame Bahá’í School (Florida) 
Life Enrichment Center, Fruitland Park, FL. “Race Unity Meets the Core Activities: An Explosion of Growth at Their Intersection.“ Fees: Adult $345; Youth (15–21) $260; Junior Youth (12–14) $240; Child (7–11) $240; (3–6) $65; Infant (0–2) no charge. Registrar: Orly Cocco (

1–3: Dayspring Bahá’í School (Maryland) 
Bishop Claggett Center, Frederick, MD: “Building and Engaging Communities.” Taking place in the hills of Western Maryland, Dayspring often finds participants forming meaningful bonds of friendship with people in surrounding communities. Registrar: Neysan Sturdivant (

1–7: Sheltering Branch Bahá’í School (Eastern Washington)
Camp Wooten Environmental Learning Center, Dayton, WA. With Erica Toussaint-Brock on “The Hard Questions: Utilizing Guidance from our Institutions to Navigate the Disintegration of the Old World Order”; David Gregory on “The Life of Bahá’u’lláh: Preparing to Celebrate the Bicentenary Twin Birthdays.” Registrar: Annie Reneau (shelteringbranch-reg@

13–16: Four Corners Bahá’í School (Arizona/New Mexico) 
Native American Bahá’í Institute, Houck, AZ, in the Navajo Nation: “Hope and the Community.” Fee structure includes a free rate for community of interest; for Bahá’ís, $65/person including housing, meals, materials. Registrar: Brad Rishel (

13–16: Great Plains Bahá’í School (Nebraska) 
Peru State College, Peru, NE. “Fostering Unity in a Fractured World” with Erica Toussaint-Brock, artist-in-residence Yosi Mesbah. Fees including meals and lodging (early bird rate by June 15): Adult (18+) $130; Child/Youth (7–17) $70; Child (3–6) $50; Infant (0-2) no cost or $40 for bed; Day student $50. Registrar: Ardene Ficke (

14–16: Heartland Bahá’í School (Illinois) 
Millikin University, Decatur IL: “Hope and the Family.” Registrar: Audrey Compere ( or

26–30: John H. Wilcott Bahá’í School (Montana) 
Birch Creek Education Center near Dillon, MT: “Hope and the Family.” Fees for full session including housing and meals: Adult (20+) $220; Youth (11–19) $160; Child (4–10) $100, (0–3) $25; register by July 9. Registrar: Ruhiyyih Bradley ( or jhwilcott-reg@

27–30: Indiana Bahá’í School 
Waycross Camp and Conference Center, Morgantown, IN: “Hope and the Family”; please contact us if you have families hoping to participate. Registrar: Irina Rahimi (indiana-reg@


3–6: William Sears Bahá’í School (Minnesota) 
Long Lake Conservation Center, Palisade, MN: “One Human Family: Exploring Our Hopes for the Future”; running concurrently, “Hope and the Family.” Lodging for families, groups and individuals in dorms and campgrounds; registrar (

17–21: Western Washington Bahá’í School 
Camp Burton, Vashon, WA: “Hope and the Family and Racial Unity”; Red Grammer, special musical guest. Registrar: Jane Boies (

25–27: Green Lake Bahá’í School (Wisconsin)
Green Lake Conference Center, Green Lake, WI: “Hope and the Family.” Registrar: Riaz Missaghi (


1–4: Colorado East Bahá’í School 
La Foret Conference Center, Black Forest, CO. Registrar (

1–4: Badasht Bahá’í School (Oregon) 
SKY Camp, Falls Creek, OR. Limited capacity; online registration expected to begin by June 1. See our Facebook page. Registrar: Rob Siegel (
22–24: Kentucky and West Virginia Bahá’í School 
Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park, Buckhorn, KY: “Hope and the Family.” Registrar: Alina
Radnovich (
22–24: Texas Bahá’í School 
Greene Family Camp, Bruceville, TX: “Hope and the Family.” Registrar (

Georgia Bahá’í School: Registrar (

Shenandoah Bahá’í School (Virginia): Contact (
Southern California Bahá’í School: 
Contact (

Tennessee Bahá’í School: 
Registrar (


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