A ’Net gain: Evolving toward coherence, mutual support

A process of learning, action and reflection is driving the development of a diverse yet coherent presentation of the Bahá’í Faith on the Internet. View the video here.

Stories written and compiled by Tom Mennillo

The Bahá’í Faith's presence on the Internet is dynamic and multi-tiered, consisting of a wide range of individual initiatives and official sites at the local, national and international levels.

These diverse elements are coherent and mutually supportive to the extent that they reflect our identity as Bahá’ís and our evolving conceptual framework.

Learning is emerging about how the Web can support and advance our community-building process in a variety of ways.

At the national level, it allows seekers to investigate the Faith and initiate contact with Bahá’ís.

Local communities use websites to share news, events and information among Bahá’ís and friends engaged in community building.

Social media tools, blogs and other methods help individuals advance conversations around their core activities.

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