World, U.S. Bahá’í websites get makeover

Homepages of the new websites at (left) and (right)

The Internet has become a major part of how Bahá’ís communicate what they believe and what they do.

That’s true both in efforts to attract people to the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh and nurture that interest and in participation by Bahá’ís in the discourses of society.

And now two official windows into the Faith — on the international level and in the United States — have rolled out new content and a new look.

The websites solidify a unified model:

  • The international site encapsulates the concepts that underlie Bahá’ís’ efforts to contribute to the betterment of the world and what they are learning as they put those beliefs into practice.
  • The U.S. site links to the international site for that information so it can devote its space to talking about the national community, its initiatives and vision for society. Content from The American Bahá’í will form part of this new iteration.
  • Local sites can link to the international and national sites for the big picture and focus on Bahá’í activities that can transform individuals, families, neighborhoods and the community.

To help communities craft their websites, the National Spiritual Assembly already has made some tools available. They include trademarked images and typography, color palette suggestions and photo treatments. The result is a presentation consistent with the reality that they are part of one family.

A package of stories in the March/April issue of The American Bahá’í will announce additional resources such as a website incubator project. The package also will look at the progress of Bahá’í engagement in social media.


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