7-year-old talks about, exemplifies courage

Courage: A Spiritual Dimension” isn’t just the title of Alma Gram’s talk to neighbors and classmates.The 7-year-old Seabrook, Texas, Bahá’í exemplifies it as well.

The speech came about as the Gram family’s daily deepening on the Word of God turned to that subject.

“My mother liked so much how I explained the quotes, so one day she asked me if I can share my thoughts with others — in other words, if I can give a talk on one of the topics,” Alma explains.

“I said, ‘Why not, that's a great idea! … Please, you invite the people and I will prepare the presentation.’ I chose ‘Courage’ because that was the topic we were deepening in. …”

Alma came up with five questions about courage and lined up quotations and explanations for each.

She told her mom, Mioara, “I love the last one: questions and answers. This will be my challenge of the talk.”

Sister Anisa, 9, prepared an artistic program to lead off the event and assumed the role of emcee. She also committed to alternate monthly presentations with her sister.

“All of us, including the father, agreed on a date, made the list of guests, composed the invitation, and did all the physical preparations as well,” adds Mioara.

The talk led into a discussion mom says “was one that each human being longed for, a unique situation when children and adults consult on a topic that equally interests both sides and brings into discussion what each of them considers the best and, ultimately, universal.”

“There was a clear distinction between courage and bravery. … [O]nly the former helps us to expand our lives and enlarge the horizons of true knowledge.”

After the talk, Alma’s teacher, Rhonda Shores, commented, “I am so proud of Alma. She is a wonderful peer role model for the students. If she could do a school version for our class, I would love it.”

So off to school for a second presentation to her classmates went Alma. Now Shores wants her to deliver the talk to all second-graders, and the Bahá’í community would like her to offer it as well.

Alma’s take on all this?

“I felt like once you step into this service path, there is no way to go back,” she reflects.

“I just felt that I have to give what I receive. … [T]he joy of sharing from the divine writings is the highest joy I had ever experienced!”


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