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Violet Clark brought global vision to service in the Faith

Violet Esther May Wuerfel Clark’s profound belief in humanity’s oneness found religious expression not long before the midpoint of her 100-year life when she accepted the Baha’i Faith, and bore further fruit in her retirement when she relocated as a pioneer to support development of the Faith in Belize and the Virgin Islands. Violet passed […]

Tributes in brief: R Portillo, Y Mostaghim, P Stern, W Johnson, A Schurgast, E Varjavandi, F Otey, P Adlparvar, R Borah, G Sen

Rafael Jess Portillo, 62, San Salvador, El Salvador Rafael Portillo found and enthusiastically served the Baha’i Faith in the United States, then in midlife returned to assist in the development of Baha’i communities in his native El Salvador. He passed away December 14, 2012. A letter of tribute from the National Spiritual Assembly of the […]

Ernest Hockings entertained, educated public about indigenous culture

Ernest “Nick” Hockings, an Ojibwe tribal member, devoted many years to educating the public, through performance and public advocacy, about the history and culture of the region’s indigenous peoples. A longtime Baha’i and teacher of the Faith who was a member in the 1990s of the Baha’i Regional American Indian Teaching Committee serving the Central […]

Channing Snyder championed sustainable farming, served in Finland

Channing Z. Snyder was committed for much of his life to environmentally sustainable approaches to farming and energy, as well as spreading the unifying message of Baha’u’llah since 1977. He combined these callings in his 10 years as a Baha’i pioneer in Finland. Chan passed away October 30, 2012, having lived for many years on […]

Keith Dahl was cherished for photography in American Samoa

Keith Dahl, a career accountant, moved to American Samoa in 1975 to help consolidate the newly expanded Baha’i community, and he served the Faith there for 37 years, teaching children’s classes nearly all that time. To locals he was best known as “Kifi,” whose trusty camera documented virtually every major civic and social event on […]

Charles Hornby served in South America, assisted with Lights of Guidance

Charles D. Hornby was a well-regarded traveling Baha’i teacher in the 1950s; a pioneer for the Faith starting in 1961 who helped develop Baha’i communities amid rapid expansion in Colombia and Ecuador, serving for years as an Auxiliary Board member; and a key supporter of his wife, Helen Bassett Hornby, in production of Lights of […]

Amin Jazab helped develop the Faith in central Africa

Aminollah Jazab served humanity both as a physician and as a promoter of the Baha’i teachings in his native Iran, in the United States and in northern and central Africa. He passed away December 16, 2012, having lived since 1999 as a homefront pioneer for the Faith in Gold Canyon, Arizona. He was 84. A […]

Harold Jackson helped launch Louis G. Gregory Baha’i Institute

Harold C. Jackson Jr., a longtime educator, was the first director of the Louis G. Gregory Baha’i Institute in South Carolina. He was an active public speaker for the Faith in California for many years, and was energetic in helping develop the potential of youth. He passed away March 29, 2012, after living 37 years […]

Ali Tavangar, poet and scholar, was key in publication of much Baha’i literature

Ali Tavangar was a classical scholar and poet who edited, researched and wrote Baha’i-inspired and other books in Persian while in Iran and in the United States, and served on a national reviewing panel for Persian content. He passed away November 9, 2012, at age 97. He had lived in Tredyffrin Township outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, […]

Tributes in brief: W Steffes, F Katz, J Copeland, S Eshrag, R Piche

Wayne H. Steffes, 78, Hesperia, CA Wayne Steffes, son of one of the earliest American Indian Baha’is, was an active teacher of the Faith in his own right, also serving in a number of national-level capacities over the years. He passed away October 15, 2012. A letter of tribute from the National Spiritual Assembly of […]

Ruth Hansen was staunch worker for Faith in Nebraska

Ruth Marion Hansen was a pillar of the Faith in Nebraska’s capital for close to 40 decades, and advocated locally for racial unity as a crucial path to peace. She passed away October 1, 2012, after living the past two years in Madison, Wisconsin. She was 94. In a letter of condolence, the National Spiritual […]

Waldo Boyd managed Geyserville Baha’i School

Waldo T. “Walt” Boyd served for seven years as manager of Geyserville Baha’i School in California, predecessor to Bosch Baha’i School. He was for many years a technical and fiction writer and radio hobbyist. He passed away September 15, 2012, in Santa Rosa, California. He was 94. A letter of tribute from the National Spiritual […]

Ruth Allen, environment scholar, aided education for Iranian students

Ruth Hamilton Allen was a scholar in environmental studies and public health, and contributed to education of Baha’i students in Iran as a professor for the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education. Ruth passed away suddenly on October 16, 2012, at age 68. She had lived in Reston, Virginia, several decades. A letter of tribute from […]

Virginia Harden worked for Faith, researched biology in Thailand, Oklahoma

Virginia Pauline Harden spent much of a 23-year span assisting Baha’i communities in Thailand with their development, while adding to the world’s body of research in marine biology. She passed away September 15, 2012, in Crawford County, Kansas, at age 92. She had lived in eastern Kansas since 1997. In a letter of tribute, the […]

Rowell Hoff helped develop Faith in Dominican Republic

Rowell S. Hoff, a longtime educator, helped develop the national Baha’i community of the Dominican Republic as a Baha’i pioneer for 31 years, a National Spiritual Assembly member nearly all that time, a steadfast teacher, and in later years a developer of institute programs for building community. He passed away at age 84 on August […]

Ebrahim Amanat was nationally recognized in psychiatry

Ebrahim Amanat was a psychiatrist and educator in Iran, Missouri and California, as well as a nationally recognized author in child and adolescent psychiatry. He passed away December 13, 2011, at age 76. He had lived in recent years in Manhattan Beach, California. Born in 1935 in Kashan, Iran, and brought up in Tehran, Ebrahim […]

Qudsiyyiah Wahid served as pioneer on two continents

Qudsiyyiah Momtazi Wahid was a pioneer for the Baha’i Faith the majority of her life: in the Soviet Union with her parents, in Iraq and Kuwait in early adulthood, and on Indian reservations in Idaho and Arizona. She passed away July 10, 2012, at age 94. She had lived the past two years with family […]

Shirley Lee advanced Baha’i principles at national, international levels

Shirley G. Lee worked to advance Baha’i principles in greater society, serving during the 1980s and 1990s as a national public information officer and later as a representative of the Faith in the United Nations. She passed away July 13, 2012, at age 89 after having lived several years in The Villages, Florida. In a […]

Robert Reneau was a national treasure for Belizeans

Robert William Reneau, a musician, singer, dancer, composer, playwright, producer, artist, broadcaster, teacher and choreographer for many years in his native country of Belize, is considered a national treasure and a pillar of the country’s arts and culture. Honored as a Member of the Order of the British Empire, he performed before royalty and presidents, […]

Tributes in brief: G Brown, E Smith, D Lepard, N Moore, G Bracamonte, T Hamrang, I Prueitt

Greeta E. Knight Brown, 88, Ogden, Utah Greeta Brown was a scholar of ethnomusicology, conducting research among the Inupiaq people in Alaska, and a lifelong musician. She played a social activist role in battling for equal pay for women, and later directed the Women’s Resource Center in Anchorage. She passed away June 10, 2012. She […]

Tajalliyat Weaver Tejerzdeh served Faith energetically in Panama

Tajalliyat Weaver Tejerzdeh, as a young woman in Panama in the 1960s and ’70s, promoted the teachings of Baha’u’llah and assisted development of Baha’i communities among indigenous people for a number of years. She maintained her energetic work for the Faith after moving to the United States. She passed away February 7, 2012, having lived […]

Haynes McFadden photographed major Baha’i events

Haynes Carter McFadden, a pioneer for the Faith in Germany and Namibia, photographically chronicled a number of major Baha’i events and later focused on training and empowering Namibians through both his business and his Baha’i activity. He passed away June 10, 2012, after having resided in Omaruru, Namibia, since 1998. He was 69. In a […]

Delia Lafaurie helped build communities in El Salvador and USA

Delia Josefa Lafaurie was an enthusiastic teacher of the Faith who served as a pioneer in El Salvador and later contributed to development of the training institute in Southern California. She passed away May 19, 2012, at age 60. She had lived in Moreno Valley for about 20 years. In a letter of condolence to […]

Sharife Mohajer-Jassebi served the Faith around the world

Sharife Mohajer-Jassebi was a staunch supporter of the Faith wherever she lived, serving on Local Spiritual Assemblies in Iran, Taiwan, Belgium and Florida. Late in life she carried out valuable research on the history of the Baha’i community in her native region of Jasb, Iran. She passed away February 5, 2012, at age 85. She […]

Floyd Heaton assisted development of Faith in Latin America

Floyd Vance Heaton, a Baha’i nearly six decades, spent more than half that time helping strengthen communities in the Navajo Nation, Panama and Chile. Retired from a career as an industrial designer and educator, he passed away May 10, 2012, at age 88. He had lived in Leon County, Florida, since 2000. In a letter […]