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Nineteen Days

Follow Nineteen Days as they share beautiful quotations and photos every day during the nineteen day Baha’i Fast.  

It’s Not About the Food! Reflections on the Fast

By. Margaret Tash As both new and not-so-new Baha’is in our cluster prepare for the Fast, I feel moved to offer my personal reflections on this sacred time.  Over the years, many of the friends – myself included – seem to place a disproportionate amount of emphasis on the physical aspects of the Fast. I […]

Fasting a tradition for many faiths

In Tampa Bay Online Michelle Bearden interviews Trisha Irons from Tampa Bay, Florida who shares her experiences during the Baha’i Fast from March 2-20. “Members of the Baha’i community, the world’s youngest religion with about 5 million adherents, typically gather in the evening for prayers and to break the fast with family and friends. On March […]

Fasting brings awareness

Janet Tanaka shares in this editorial in The News Tribune how the Fast is a means of purification. “Should we – whatever our faith connection – let the hunger pangs of fasting remind us that there are many hungry ones in our world, maybe even in our neighborhood. Hungry for peace, hungry for freedom, and […]

Fasting on Facebook with My Beloved Baha’i Community

Guest contributor Candace Hill shares her experiences interacting with friends on Facebook during the Baha’i Fasting period in the blog Krista Tippett on Being. “If you are a Baha’i on Facebook, then you have the bounty of an in-gathering of friends from around the world. Baha’is tend to love conferences, summer schools, study circles, and potlucks. It’s […]

Photos capture the essence of the Baha’i Fast

Now in its fourth year, the “nineteen days” website started as a collaborative project between Baha’i friends and fellow bloggers, Amy Youssefian Sahba and Leila G. T., as a creative way for them to share moments of their early mornings and evenings for the nineteen days of the Baha’i Fast. Since its second year, they have invited […]

The annual Nineteen-Day Fast: a time of spiritual purification

From March 2-20, Baha’is worldwide observe the annual 19-Day Fast by refraining from eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset.