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Parking and Accessibility at the Baha’i House of Worship

Please call the House of Worship Public Safety Office for the most up-to-date information about accessibility during construction: 847-853-2312. 

Parking: The Linden Avenue parking lot will be closed until further notice. Parking is available on nearby side streets and in the lakeside Visitors Parking Lot, one block north of the Temple, on the east side of Sheridan. Pedestrians should use the crosswalk at the corner of Linden and Sheridan. (See the map below.)

Wheelchair Access: Wheelchair access to the gardens is available at the corner of Sheridan and Linden. The Temple entrance from Sheridan Road, on the north side of the building, provides access to the Welcome Center, Bookshop and Temple Auditorium. At this time, due to construction, vehicle access and handicap parking at this entrance is limited. Call for day-to-day information: 847-853-2312.

Bus access to Linden Avenue is currently not permitted.
South-bound buses may load and unload at the northwest corner of Linden and Sheridan only. (Vehicles over 10 tons cannot cross the Linden Avenue bridge just west of the House of Worship and, because of construction, it is not possible for buses to turn around in the House of Worship parking lot.)