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Sharife Mohajer-Jassebi served the Faith around the world

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Sharife Mohajer-Jassebi

Sharife Mohajer-Jassebi

Sharife Mohajer-Jassebi was a staunch supporter of the Faith wherever she lived, serving on Local Spiritual Assemblies in Iran, Taiwan, Belgium and Florida. Late in life she carried out valuable research on the history of the Baha’i community in her native region of Jasb, Iran.

She passed away February 5, 2012, at age 85. She lived in Belgium her last few months after several years in Florida.

A letter of tribute from the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States says in part, “Her many years of service to the Faith of Baha’u’llah, from the enduring of persecution in her homeland to her decades serving at many posts in the international pioneering field, are very gratefully remembered.”

Born in Jasb, a rural locality in northern Iran southwest of Tehran, she was a homefront pioneer for the Faith in her youth. She married Ataollah Mohajeri and the couple brought up five children.

“She had the courage to accept the standards of the Faith over her cultural standards,” a tribute from her family says. “The oneness of humanity was deeply rooted in her belief system; she consented to her children’s marriages to people of various cultures” — including Chinese-American, Belgian and Indian as well as Persian. “She saw her children’s spouses as her own children.”

Well-read in Arabic, she graduated from the Technical Institute for the Arts in Tehran and was a poet and writer.

Pressures and persecutions had beset the family much of their lives. When the Islamic Revolution broke out, the Mohajeris, visiting family abroad, had to cancel their plans to return to their homefront pioneering post in Iran.

Sharife’s enthusiasm for learning helped her become fairly conversant in Chinese and French as the couple relocated over the years to Taiwan and Belgium (and later in English when she lived in the United States).

While in Belgium she took classes to perfect the craft of tailoring, and that business allowed her to be in contact with influential people.

She was enthusiastic in teaching and serving the Faith wherever she went, her family said, adding: “She had an all-­embracing love for people in general. She would encourage, in her own way, everyone who crossed her path to love, unity, dignity, humility and service.”

After her husband’s passing, Sharife moved to U.S. localities to be near family: first Redmond, Washington, then Palmetto Bay, Florida. Late in life she would occasionally contribute to Payam-i-Baha’i magazine, a Persian periodical published in France. She shared her research on the history of the Faith in Jasb with the Baha’i World Center.

Sharife Mohajer-Jassebi is survived by five children in various parts of the world, a brother in Germany, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, virtually all serving the Faith in various capacities.

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  1. Nahid M. Eng

    My apologies for the mistake in the number of Mrs. Sharife Mohajerjassebi’s great-grand children stated in the article. A couple of weeks prior to her passing her youngest great-grandchild was born in China. Mrs. Mohajerjassebi was actually survived by three great-grand children whom she loved and prayed for ardently.

  2. James Humphrey

    Thank you so much — the correction has been made in the text.