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Supporting Human Rights

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This year marks the 61st anniversary of the establishment of Human Rights Day by the United Nations in 1950. The annual date chosen for this commemoration was December 10 which honors the adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 – the first ever global enunciation of human rights.

The promotion and protection of human rights has been a major preoccupation for the United Nations since 1945, when the Organization’s founding nations resolved that the horrors of The Second World War should never be allowed to recur. Respect for human rights and human dignity “is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.” – The United Nations, Department of Public Information

In observance of Human Rights Day, we share the following:

Human Rights Forum held at Baha’i Temple focuses on Iran
Canadian Senator Romeo Dallaire highlights “warning signs” in Iran’s treatment of Baha’is

Education Under Fire campaign gains momentum

Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois talks about human rights abuses in Iran
Rainn Wilson BIHE Video Appeal
Education Under Fire Campaign – Video Library
Layli Miller-Muro revolutionizes asylum law in the U.S.
Buddying Up in Beaverton

WBEZ Interview with Glen Fullmer, Baha’is of the US: Government persecution of Iran’s Baha’i community
Podcast 39: “Education Under Fire”
Harvard EdCast: Not Your Typical College Tour

Luke Slot, ‘One Thousand Veils’
Elika Mahony, ‘Persecution’