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Steve: A stronger connection to God

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I initially stumbled on to the Faith while reading the introduction of the book SoulPancake. As Rainn Wilson gave a brief description, I felt called to learn more about the Faith and began doing some research.  Everything I discovered spoke to me directly, particularly its emphasis on social justice.

After requesting more information on the Baha’i website, I was able to connect with a fantastic mentor who directed me towards several resources.  Most importantly, she put me in touch with a few Baha’is in the area and I felt an immediate connection. I was welcomed with open arms into this new community and now have a much larger family. I have continued to build relationships with many inspiring people I would not have been able to meet had it not been for the faith.

I have always been an extremely spiritual person, but have been disappointed in the contention generated by the antagonistic dogma of many of the major world religions.  The teachings of the Baha’i Faith, however, emphasizes that we seek to understand and learn from others rather than pushing our views on those we come in contact with.

Though I have just begun my journey, I have grown tremendously and have developed a stronger connection to God. I have also experienced an enhanced level of positivity and have been personally more open in my interactions with others.