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Baha’i Chair offers online course on development

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The equivalent of a university course on international development is yours, free, from the comfort of your easy chair.

That’s thanks to the Bahá’í Chair for World Peace at the University of Maryland.

The course unfolds in a series of videos placed on the Chair’s YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/user/BahaiPeaceChair).

Titled “Peace-building, Post-conflict Reconstruction, and International Development,” the course is taught by Chair Professor John Grayzel.

Additional videos on topics related to peace studies and the work of the Chair also may be found on the YouTube channel.

“New media like YouTube enables the Chair to reach a wide audience, broadening and enriching a needed dialogue on a key message from the Universal House of Justice’s The Promise of World Peace and showing how the message can be increasingly put into daily practice,” the Chair noted in its announcement.

The hope is that those planning pragmatic steps to solve problems facing society will place their efforts within a context of principle.

To further that aim, the Chair is fostering the emergence of what it calls a community of “principles scholars.”

These are scholars, the Chair said, who have “a particular interest in global governance and a specific focus on principles as integral to successful and sustainable social and human development.”

The YouTube’s channel’s bonus videos include a feature on the Chair-sponsored Semester on Peace; an award-winning documentary on the Marshall Plan; a broadcast reflecting on the negative role of partisan politics in Thailand; and complete proceedings of the Chair’s Second Interactive Dialogue on “Human Security in an Insecure World.”

Users who subscribe to the Chair’s YouTube channel can post comments online that the Chair said “provide valuable feedback and insights.”